My Review of Black Panther

Last night my family went to see Black Panther. Our usual tradition involves stopping at Family Dollar to buy our snacks, which from there goes into my wife’s purse, and from there comes out for our enjoyment watching the movie. We love making the experience cheaper.

I Don’t Wanna Spoil It

Black Panther is a black experience. I insist with all of my soul that you go see this movie. It’s worth every minute. I don’t want to spoil it, let me just highlight some things to look forward to.

A Black Experience

Music: Look forward to some good music. The background & theme music all have some black flavor to them. This wasn’t Spider Man, I found myself often rocking my head to the beats.

Actors: Look forward to seeing some dynamic actors who own their dignified roles! Imagine some of the same cast members from “12 Years A Slave”, “The Help”, and “Get out”. Now Imagine those same people taking roles such as kings, generals, and powerful tribe leaders! It was so refreshing.

Setting: Look forward to a movie beginning on the continent of Africa! In a beautiful ancient city are people who live secluded and independent of European colonization and influence. It shows powerful imagery of a African land in all of its beauty. It displays an ancient African civilization that had a power that lead to advance technology in the present day future, more advance than anywhere else in the world.

Culture: Look forward to seeing people of color stewarding secret power and advancements that remained unknown to all others. The people have a respected way of life, and humbly submits to one king. Black kingship is celebrated in this movie. The dignity of seeing a black king rule with all integrity gleams from this movie. He is not only a king, but an active warrior; given the name Black Panther. The Black Panther is responsible for keeping his nation’s way of life, protecting his land from any threats both inside and out.

African Diaspora & Colonizing Europeans: Look forward to seeing the effects of colonization. The stain of racism is not left out of Black Panther. Not all black people live in the ancient land. Outside the ancient land are less fortunate African people, people who were most affected by the colonizing dominance of Europeans. Outside the ancient land, weariness of white domination leads to a black revolution and a desire for black domination. The power to start this revolution is within the technological advancements of the ancient city; where the Black Panther rules as King. A threat will rise to challenge the Black Panther and take this power away from the land.

Leadership: Look forward to seeing a black king ruling with integrity. The Black Panther eventually deals with this rising revolution. He rejects it, knowing that a desire for black domination was no less evil than the reality of white domination.

“You want to become like the people you hate so much…. divide and conquer” – Black Panther

In doing this, the King acknowledges the worth and significance of all nations and peoples,  but he never diminishes the significance of his own. The Black Panther turns to using the resources of his land to affirm the worth and significance of all black people, and used his resources to help all who were affected by the African Diaspora. He also contributed to weak areas shared by White Americans & Europeans, taking the lead in some advances in technologies ( advances they didn’t even know the people of Africa had).

A Black Contribution

This was my big take away. Black Panther was a Black experience and a Black contribution. There are many things in this movie that are relevant to black people everywhere. This movie meant so much for me to see as a black man. This was a movie that affirmed my dignity, worth, and significance. It gave me a hero, black people want heroes too. It also reminded me that as a black man I have things to contribute in this world, I have something to offer people. Black Panther was a Black experience and a Black contribution to the entire world.


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